Lita Creative Craft’s Big Shop Relocation

Since early 2001, Lita Creative Crafts has been providing local Melbourne residents with an extensive range of quality, affordable arts and crafts supplies. Known among locals asĀ the top local craft shop, Lita and her arts and crafts team are truly passionate about what they do and have been helping others develop a love for arts and crafts for many years.

As the company grew and grew over the past 14 years, Lita noticed that there was less and less room throughout the shop for people to browse through the different arts and crafts supplies. The shop had provided them with a great space for the beginning years of business, but Lita knew it was time to upgrade and relocate to a bigger and better shop location.

Before, during and after their shop relocation, Lita found there were a number of simple things she did that helped make the move an easier one. She also found easy ways for the business to save money during the move. As a result, Lita created this website, hoping that her experience relocating shops in Melbourne could help others too.

Lita Creative Crafts

Selling and Buying

It was a huge decision for Lita and her team to relocate premises. Having been in their original shop for well over 10 years, the team had become accustomed to both the shop and the area. However, their expanding business didn’t leave them with much option, so they decided to work hard on finding an even better shop location.

Lita and her team had many needs and requirements that needed to be filled with the new shop location. Size and location were only two of the most important factors. After carefully selecting a new shop location, the girls had to work on advertising to sell their old shop. One of the many websites they used to advertise the shop was Read how they went about it on the Selling & Buying page.

The Relocation

As the contents within the shop were rather expensive, Lita and her team decided to hire the services of a local, professional moving company in Melbourne. With their help, they were able to cut their estimated moving time in half. With help from professional and experienced movers, Lita and her team were able to concentrate on other important parts of the big shop move.

The professional moving company Rocket Movers were hired to help with the big move. They were able to take a lot of stress off of Lita and her team during the big move date. Read more on how the move went on the Relocation page.

The Clean Up

Once the shop contents had been moved to the new building, Lita and the team had to take care of cleaning up the old shop, so that it was ready for the new tenants. During their relocation, they were able to do a huge clean out of damaged products, old documents and other bits and pieces. They hired a local Melbourne skip bin company to come and take away all of the extra rubbish, so there was only the cleaning up left to do. Read more on how the it went on the Clean Up page.